Occupational therapy for children and adolescents with acquired brain injury

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Annette Sondell1

1) University Children's Hospital, Akademiska, Sweden

Introduction: Children and adolescents with acquired brain injury often experience dramatic change in their life. Therefore, occupational therapy in the acute phase is important as well as repeated follow-ups for a long time after the trauma occured.

Purpose: To describe occupational therapy interventions for children and adolescents with an acquired brain injury and the restrication in their participation in everyday activities.

Method: A review of occupational therapy interventions in the medical records of approximatley 20 children and adolescents with acquired brain injury, who received rehabilitation in 2011 at a regional habilitation centre in Sweden.

Results: Preliminary results in 13 children and adolecents showed difficulties in cognition, motor skills and perception. Some of the children and adolescents needed memory support strategies to increase partcipation in everyday activities, such as written instructions, structure diagrams and pictures support. Others needed assistive technology devices to compensate for cognitive and writing difficulties.

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