Child obesity: New field of occupational therapy intervention in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro

Poster (RES)

David de Barros Ferreira1, Rodrigo Cavalcante1, Priscila Viali1, Luane Aquino1, Angela Bittencourt1

1) Federal Institute of Education of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In Brazil the number of obese children increased 5 times in the last twenty years, with the majority are in the range of 6 to 11 years.

Objective: know the profile and the reality of child overweight and if performance of occupational therapy has an influence on weight loss.

Methodology: Questionnaire with open and closed questions, applied to those responsible and workshops in which the child represented her body through picture and bonding. The study included five obese children who were followed at the Center for Health.

Results: they detected the stigma related to verbalizations pejorative and offensive by fellow students, family and friends, which led to feelings of worthlessness, emotional disturbances and difficulty of conviviality. In physical aspects, observed inactivity and change in cardio-respiratory function.

We conclude that occupational therapy has good results with obese children, because provides a distinctive look.

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