Occupational therapy for chronic fatigue in clients with MS, CVA or Parkinson's disease; An evidence based guideline

Poster (DEV)

Isaline Eyssen1, Ernst Evenhuis1

1) VU University Medical Center, Netherlands

Introduction: Chronic fatigue has great impact on the lifes of patients with MS, CVA or Parkinson's disease. However, there is lack of evidence and consensus about the most effective interventions to manage fatigue in individual patients.

Aim: An evidence and consensus based client-centred guideline to facilitate occupational therapists and clients in the individual treatment of chronic fatigue of individual clients with MS, CVA or Parkinson.

Methods: Interviews and questionnaires were used to incorporate the clinical relevance and the patients' perspective, literature was reviewed according to the AGREE-guideline and consensus-meetings were held with 20 experts from 13 health centres.

Results: The guideline includes recommendations and instructions to assist therapists and patients in clinical decision making. Theoretical frames of references and the client's personal situation and learning styles are described. The guideline is based on a client centred framework.

Conclusions: A client-centred, evidence based guideline and a practical workbook are developed.

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