The Tree Theme Method® (TTM) - an occupational therapy intervention applied in outpatient psychiatric care

Poster (RES)

Birgitta Gunnarsson1, Mona Eklund2, Christel Leufstadius2, Jan-Åke Jansson2, Kerstin Petersson2

1) Kronoberg County Council, Sweden 2) Lund University, Sweden

Introduction: The TTM, based on creative activities and occupational storytelling, implies that the clients paint trees representing certain periods in their lives. The paintings are used for the clients to tell their life stories focusing on everyday occupations and shaping plans for their future.

Aim: To evaluate the TTM as an occupational therapy intervention.

Metods: Quantitative/qualitative methods; a pretest - posttest study (questionnaires in connection with a TTM intervention), and interviews with clients (individual) and occupational therapists (focus groups) regarding their experiences from the TTM.

Results: The pretest - posttest indicated positive changes regarding occupational performance, health, and therapeutic alliance. The findings from the interviews showed that the TTM helped the
clients to cope with everyday life and the occupational therapists perceived the TTM as helpful for initiating turning points.

Conclusion: The TTM appeared to function well as an intervention, from which clients could
identify possible changes in everyday life.

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