Body-awareness through Taijiquan: A base for independence and confidence in daily living

Poster (DEV)

Christel Groenier1

1) MRC Groot Klimmendaal, Netherlands

Introduction: As a movement sport, Taijiquan is characterised by slow, controlled movements, performed very supplely. It is valued for its calming quality. Rehabilitation Medical Centre Groot Klimmendaal offers Taijiquan as one of its therapies.

Goal: To evaluate experiences with the Taijiquan Group intervention as applied in RMC Groot Klimmendaal.

Methods: A survey was used to ask all rehabilitation patients (53) who have participated in the Taijiquan groups since 2008, about their experiences with the Taijiquan intervention and potential benefits. Data were descriptively analysed.

Results: The results of the survey showed that the participants greatly appreciated the method and learned to use it widely in their daily activities. Specific results will be presented in May 2012.

Conclusion: Rehabilitating patients experience Taijiquan as giving them increased self-confidence, assertiveness and body-awareness, and the courage to experiment with their abilities. This provides a solid foundation for coping independently in everyday life.

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