Long-term investigation about physical and psychic function of elderly person

Poster (RES)

Mariko Nakamura1,Mituo Nakamura2, Asano Yukako3

1) Sapporo Medical University, Japan 2) Hokkaido Bunkyo University, Japan 3) Takikawa Neurosugical Hospital, Japan

A purpose of this study is to investigate the factor that is necessary to continue the life that an elderly person living at home maintains .We investigated body and cognitive function for three years.

Subject65 people ( include a continuator in two or three years)
Average age: 76.7 ± 5.3 years old.
We performed listening comprehension investigation about medical history, occupational history, housing configuration and a hobby. In addition, we examined on ADL, performed finger function, psychic function and physical function test.

Results: Significant correlation was found in finger function test, physical function examination, an item of a psychic function between results and age, and the person that age was high as for the results was low.
However, besides, we compared right and left hand by finger function test together in the year before last in last year and, for longitudinal section, improved significantly.

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