Patients with poly-, dermato- and inclusion body myositis have activity limitations despite low disease activity

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Malin Regardt1, Li Alemo Munters1, Therese Jansson1, Susanne Johansson1, Christina Ottosson2, Maryam Dastmalch1, Ingrid Lundberg1, Helene Alexanderson1

1) Karolinska Institutet, Sweden 2) Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

Introduction: Polymyositis, dermatomyositis and inclusion body myositis (IBM) are rheumatic diseases with slowly progressive muscle weakness.

Aims: To investigate activity limitation in patients with polymyositis, dermatomyositis and IBM and to evaluate correlations between activity limitation and disease activity (Physicians global assessment PGA).

Methods: All myositis patients at Karolinska University Hospital during 2009 were included. Activity limitation was measured by Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) and Myositis Activities Profile (MAP). The cohort consisted of 84 patients. Median of PGA (0-100mm) was 5 mm.

Results: Median HAQ values indicated mild activity limitation for polymyositis and dermatomyositis and moderate for IBM. Median MAP values in polymyositis and IBM indicated moderate limitation and in dermatomyositis mild. The most limited activity was leisure. Patients with dermatomyositis had significantly less activity limitation compared to polymyositis and IBM. There were low correlations between HAQ/MAP and PGA.

Conclusions: Although patients had low disease activity they still perceived activity limitation.

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