A web based motor & cognitive training system

Poster (RES)

Betina Rasmussen1, Line Zacho Petersen1, Mette Kliim-Due1

1) Helene Elsasscenter, Denmark

Introduction: The training system is developed in order to find a way to help people with cerebral palsy to obtain a systematic, intensive and sufficient training under supervision of therapists.

Aim: The training system is designed to combine cognitive and motor challenges in order to train these abilities at the same time.

Methods: The training system consists of a webcam and a computer with internet access. The web camera captures the movement of the child. The computer translates the movement and can thereby control the special designed exercises
Each training program is individualized. The therapist is able to follow the training via the internet and make adjustments in the training and thereby make it progressively harder as the person improves.

Conclusion: The results are promising concerning progressions in cognitive, physical abilities and ADL skills. There are significant progressions in the following areas: AMPS, motor and process skills, Visual perception, Functional strength and Bruce test.

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