Utilization of an ICF-based assessment from occupational therapists' perspectives

Poster (RES)

Vedrana Bolic1,Lena Haglund1, Anette Kjellberg1

1) Linköping University, Sweden

The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is intended to provide a framework for practitioners. A client-centred ICF-based assessment (ICF-A) was developed to be used in problem identification. The aim was to evaluate the ICF-based assessment (ICF-A) focusing on its utility on the basis of occupational therapists´perspectives regarding clinical relevance and potential for implementation.

Method: Eleven occupational therapists, performed 99 ICF-A based assessments and completed three self-reported questionnaires related to the utility of the ICF-A, resulting in 121 questionnaires. Data were analyzed using descriptive
statistics and content analysis.

The results showed that the ICF-A included too many categories. However, the time needed to perform the assessments decreased during the 10 assessment occasions. Furthermore, the client-centred approach in the ICF-A need to be further emphasized.

Conclusion: Hence, the implementation and development of ICF-based assessments is crucial as it holds promise in supporting client-centred practice and diversity in practice.

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