Validation of Cognistat in a primary care setting

Poster (RES)

Maria Johansson1, Jan Marcusson2, Ewa Wressle1

1) University hospital in Linköping 2) Linköping University, Sweden

Introduction: Cognitive testing is an important part of dementia investigation. In primary care, occupational therapists can help assess cognitive abilities; however, it is important to evaluate what instrument to use.

Aim: To validate Cognistat for diagnosing MCI and dementia in a primary care population.

Methods: This cross-sectional study included 81 Swedish people age 65 or older (52 patients and 29 controls). They were tested at their primary care centre using a complete Mini-Mental State Examination, The Clock-drawing Test, A Quick Test, and Cognistat. The diagnoses were set at a specialist unit and used as golden standard.

Results: The sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive value in detection of MCI and dementia were analysed for the test. Combinations of the tests were also analysed.

Conclusions: The Cognistat has moderate validity in diagnosing MCI and dementia. Cognistat can be used on its own as a first screening or combined with other tests.

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