Implementing the Model of Human Occupation onto an acute psychiatric inpatient unit

Poster (DEV)

Paul Ferguson1

1) Alfred Health, Australia

Introduction: The Alfred acute psychiatric unit consists of fifty-eight beds covered between two floors. Due to the competing demands that an acute unit can offer, communication can sometimes prove challenging and interventions can appear rushed.

Aim: The Occupational Therapy department set out to strengthen the communication and evidence base of their role through implementing an Occupational Therapy model of practice.

Methods: Regular consultation meetings, liaison with other disciplines and development of an implementation process were utilized.

Results: The Model of Human Occupation was implemented across the acute unit and also led to the development of an Occupational Therapy screening tool. Colleagues reported to feel they had a greater understanding of Occupational Therapy concepts and that communication had improved. As a result, the model is continuing to be developed within our community teams.

Conclusion: The use of a theoretical model has proven vital in maintaining the importance of occupational interventions.

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