Pain assessment and biopsychosocial conditions of workers in hospital environment

Poster (DEV)

Rachel Oliveira1, √Črica Candian2, Ciomara Nunes1

1) Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

Introduction: Working conditions in the hospital, routines with unexpected situations and old occupational performance habits, may change functionality thereby causing pain. Workers are involved in tasks of care taking, suffering, disease and death, requiring deal with their own pain.

Aim: To assess the biopsychosocial conditions of workers with pain in the hospital.

Methods: Applying Multidimensional Pain Inventory for analysis of physical and psychosocial health and the habits of workers. The employees of a public university hospital were used as implementations of MPI samples, referred to occupational therapy, which was based on complaints of pain.

Results: The MPI implementation have identified high pain level despite the workers remaining in regular work activity.

Conclusion: Persistent pain changes the functionality and affect professional, affective and social relationships. Therefore, Occupational therapy may interfere with pains prevention, group dynamics, ergonomic analysis and conducting activities, besides redesigning the working routine with these workers.

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