Issues and concerns for students with diverse mental health problems in a university setting

Poster (RES)

Clodagh Nolan1, Siobhan McCobb1

1) Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Introduction: A new occupational therapy mental health service was established for students within a University in 1996.

Aim: The aim of this study was to identify the practical needs of students with significant mental health problems using the Trinity Student Profile (Nolan 2011).

Method: A sequential exploratory mixed methods approach (Tashakkori and Teddlie 2003) was used. Qualitative interviews with staff and students informed the quantitative design of the Trinity Student Profile, the instrument was developed to capture the needs of students. 140 profiles of students attending the Mental Health Service were compared with students from the general student population (n=974).

Results: The results of this study, describes the diverse needs of these students and compares them to students in the general student population.

Conclusion: The needs differ between the student groups and those with mental health problems have greater needs. Implications for occupational therapy will be discussed.

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