Talent-coaching for excellent health-caregivers

Poster (PED)

Kim Bisschop1, Laurine van der Does de Willebois1

1) Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

At Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences an occupational faculty member and coaching expert, designed a coaching technique for students who are at risk for failing in their fieldwork program.

Important elements of this technique, such as the critical interview and the self-assessment for students, based on the COPM, offer students the unique opportunity to re-assess themselves after a period of time. Another occupational faculty member participates as a coach in the Honours Degree Program of the School of Health Care Studies. She converted this method into a talent-coaching technique for excellent students, who try to reach the level of an Honours Degree.

We hope to prepare these students for a life-long career as innovative and excellent professionals in Healthcare. Thus far, the talent-coaching technique has proven to be a useful intervention for occupational therapists and other healthcare workers by supporting their own capacities to develop innovate healthcare solutions.

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