The Swedish ethical code for occupational therapists

Poster (DEV)

Lars Sandman1,Mari Broqvist1, Inga Blomstrand1, Margareta Lindberg1

1) Ethical Council of the Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists, Sweden

The Swedish Association for Occupational Therapists (FSA) developed and decided on an ethical code for occupational therapists in 1992. The code was then revised in 2004.

The code describes the values and norms involved in the profession, the rights of different concerned parties (patient/client; family; occupational therapist and colleagues). It also provides a model for ethical analysis and some illustrative cases.

The Ethical Council of FSA has now been assigned to revise the code and its collection of cases. For this work to be successful and result in a usable ethical code there is need for a broad consensus on the content.

In order to give occupational therapists the opportunity to discuss the code and its different cases we have planned a paper with the following agenda:
• Presentation of the code and suggestions for alterations
• Presentation and discussion of code and cases
• Suggestions of other relevant cases

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