Diversity in professional development through underpinning practice with theory: A joint OT/academic development

Poster (DEV)

Fiona Maclean1, Linda Renton1

1) Queen Margaret University, United Kingdom

Following a request to provide bespoke "training" for OTs in an acute setting, academic and occupational therapy staff jointly developed an MSc Module. The OTs wanted to explore occupational theory and critique its relevance for their practice setting. This process led to five OTs undertaking the module successfully.

This session will present material from the module on the value of integrating theory into practice by; defining theory (Mitcham 2003, Radomski and Davis 2002) and examining different types of theory relevant to OT. The main focus of the session will be to facilitate participants' discussion, through structured learning activities, on the benefits and challenges of integrating theory into their own practice.

By sharing this innovative initiative, of an OT service approaching academic staff and together developing a learning module to develop practice, the presenters will facilitate participants' discussion of integrating theory into their own practice, thus promoting diversity for clients.

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