Possibilities of community participation for people with mental health problems: Living with the diversity

Poster (RES)

Mariana Moraes Salles1, Thelma Simões Matsukura2

1) University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 2) Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil

Introduction: Brazil has gone through a process of reforming its public policies in mental health. The change was from a care focused in the psychiatric hospital to a network of services organized on the territory; which posed to society the challenge of living with the difference.

Aim: To analyze the possibilities of participation of people with mental health problems through occupations.

Method: This is a bibliographic review research, done through consulting Brazilian thesis and scientific journals.

Results: People with mental health problems face prejudice and discrimination widespread in society, which reduces their opportunities for participation. However, the occupations provided by mental health services have been favoring the sharing of occupations with other people, in and outside the services.

Conclusion: The mental health services and policies in Brazil have been contributing for society to live with the difference, yet, there are still many challenges to be faced.

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