Research gaps in health-promotion concerning foreign-born adults

Poster (RES)

Qarin Lood1, Greta Häggblom-Kronlöf1, Synneve Dahlin-Ivanoff1

1) University of Gothenburg, Sweden

INTRODUCTION: Designing effective health-promoting interventions for older adults is a public health priority, but foreign-born older adults are an exposed and vulnerable group.

AIM: To review randomised controlled trial (RCT) publications to describe, and present the effects of health promoting programmes for foreign-born older adults.

METHODS: A systematic literature review was conducted. Inclusion criteria: RCT, elderly, immigrants/ethnic minority groups, health-promotion, prevention, reported in English. Exclusion criteria: disease prevention. The analysis took on a descriptive approach with inspiration from iterative synthesis.

RESULTS: Eight RCT publications were included. Key elements of the interventions were: activity and participation, person-centred approach, health-information, cultural modifications, provider education and theoretical foundation. Statistically significant outcome measures on health-perception, physical and social activity were presented. The quality of evidence ranged from very low to moderate.

CONCLUSION: Foreign-born older adults are an under-prioritised group in research concerning health-promotion. More research is needed to present evidence-based interventions for this group.

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