Integrating Time Management Skills through occupational therapy intervention for diverse populations

Poster (RES)

Suzanne White1

1) SUNY Downstate Medical Center, United States

Recovery creates greater engagement in occupations to support health and social participation for diverse population with Severe Mental Illness and /or Substance Related Disorders.

Based on publish results of Occupational Therapy: Let's Get Organized intervention, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality selected it for their Health Care Innovation Exchange stating The evidence consists of a small, pre- and post-implementation comparison of knowledge and behaviors related to time management, along with anecdotal, post-implementation reports from staff on changes in participants' skills.

To strengthen this intervention as an evidenced-based practice, a standardized assessment tool was necessary to assess initial needs and evaluate success. The Assessment of Time Management Skills was designed to measures the extent to which people monitor ones' own behavior to ensure effective time management.

Both the quantitative and qualitative results of an outcome study based on the Occupational Therapy: Let's Get Organized time management program will be discussed.

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