Mastering an uncertain and unpredictable everyday life after stroke - old female carers’ experiences

Poster (RES)

Synneve Dahlin Ivanoff1, Gunilla Gosman-Hedstrom1

1) University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Aim: To explore and learn from old females' experiences of caring at home after stroke.

Method: A qualitative method was used. A total of 16 female carers participated in four focus group discussions. All sessions were taped, transcribed verbatim and analyzed by two researchers.

Results: From the overall theme; “Mastering an uncertain and unpredictable everyday life” three sub themes emerged: ’Living with another man’ where the carers discussed not only the marked change in their partner’s personality, but also the loss of a life-companion and their mutual intellectual contact. ‘Fear of it happening again’, comprised the experiences of fear and confinement, of always being “on line” and trapped at home.‘Ongoing negotiation’, referred to the struggling and negotiating with their partners, with themselves and with the formal care for time to themselves.

Conclusion: This study gave us an understanding of the uncertain and unpredictable everyday life as an old female carer.

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